Benjamin Hickmann

Focusing on unmet needs and forging a healthy therapeutic connection, Ben has a wide range of experience. From starting work in applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) with children on the spectrum, to working at nursing homes, homeless shelters, halfway homes and most recently within the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework with both children and adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, addiction and depression, Ben is flexible and learns alongside his clients. Ben is trauma informed and has completed courses in both trauma focused CBT and substance abuse.

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay with a Bachelor of Social work degree, he is near finishing his Master of Science in Social Work degree at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. He is excited to assist clients in getting connected or reconnected with the passions of their lives, finding or forging healthy support systems, and overcoming the many hurdles life can put in the way of achieving optimum emotional physical and spiritual health.