EAP Affiliate Provider

HealthyMinds is pleased that you are interested in being an affiliate provider for our Employee Assistance Program!  HealthyMinds offers to organizations a wide range of services to help employees maintain wellness and work-life balance. Our programs help organizations optimize performance and increase productivity. Tailored Employee Assistance Programs include individual counseling sessions for employees and family members to address a broad range of stressors and maintain balance. Our Employee Assistance Programs also include services to the organization at times of crisis due to critical incidents and organizational change management. Finally, we also offer a full range of trainings and presentations on general and specific topics that enhance individual and workplace wellness and function.

HealthyMinds also offers to Law Enforcement and other First Responder Agencies cutting edge services that embody and reflect the unique aspects of the job, the working personality, and the working identity of the first responder. Our programs include comprehensive strategies that address the agency, individual and family wellness in the face of a complex set of factors unique to these lines of work.  In addition, we offer training and consultation services to any agency embarking on improving first responder wellness from the ground up.

We are dedicated to the continuous enhancement of our provider network.  We look for generalist providers who are highly experienced professionals with many years of clinical experience as well as critical incident experience. We carefully select individuals, experienced in Employee Assistance Programs and short term, solution-focused counseling, who meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of a master’s degree in a behavioral health discipline
  • Licensure in the state in which you practice
  • Significant post-masters experience serving a wide range of populations
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity issues
  • Excellent assessment skills
  • Good working knowledge of community resources
  • Experience and training in brief therapy techniques
  • Direct EAP experience is preferred
  • Substance abuse training and experience is preferred
  • Have the ability to carry their own professional liability insurance
  • Handicapped accessible offices are preferred

If you want to make a difference and support our vision of enhancing our client’s quality of life and restoring vitality in living, we invite you to join our team.   Please download and complete the EAP Affiliate Provider Application and fax your complete application materials to HealthyMinds at (608) 841-1200.