First Responder Program Services

HealthyMinds offers to organizations a wide range of services to help first responders maintain wellness and work-life balance. Our programs help organizations optimize performance and increase productivity. Individually tailored First Responder and Family Assistance Programs include individual counseling sessions for employees and family members to address a broad range of stressors and maintain balance.

Our First Responder and Family Assistance Programs also include services to the organization at times of crisis due to critical incidents and organizational change management. Finally, we also offer a full range of trainings and presentations on general and specific topics that enhance individual and workplace wellness and function.

Annual Wellness Checks

Guided by the first responder provider, annual offsite, confidential individual consultation “check-ins” provide personnel the opportunity to jointly assess work-life balance as it relates specifically to the unique nature of the “working personality” and “working identity” required in the emergency services career.  Individual life management skills are promoted to aid in personnel wellness and healthy adjustment to a career involving accumulated vicarious trauma.


Defusings & Debriefings


On-scene and off-scene response immediately following a critical incident. 

Group Debriefings  

>Held within 48-72 hours post critical incident, group debriefings include all involved personnel of an emergency services discipline, as well as outside agency invitees as determined appropriate by the Agency.

Individual Debriefings 

>An onsite or offsite opportunity for an individual, post critical incident, to seek support due to a recently experienced traumatic event.


Officer Assistance Program & First Responder Assistance Program

Confidential and offsite individual counseling sessions with personnel or their family members experiencing individual or family dysfunction because of work related or personal stressors. 

Integrated, onsite mental health professional 

HealthyMinds offers an onsite first responder mental health professional; availability based upon Agency contract. 


Peer Support Program Development

Working with Agency policy and guidelines, develop protocols for identification and screening of Peer Support Members (PSM) candidates.  Provide training for identified Agency PSMs within multi-agency consortium setting.


Peer Support Team & Annual Refresher Training

Initial 2-day Peer Support Team training of a core group of personnel who provide support, information, and referral to employees and family members who are seeking assistance, whether it is related to a critical incident, day-to-day work stress, or personal life stress. 

Annual Refresher Training includes reinforcement of specific peer support skills and wellness concepts.  Both trainings may consist of multiple Agencies when available.


Psychoeducation & Wellness-Based Presentations

Psychoeducation and wellness-based presentations focusing on various topics.  Examples include: 

    • How the Career Changes Your Thinking Process and Reactions to Stimuli 
    • Wellness/Resiliency and Core Considerations Within Your Career Field 
    • Stress Management  
    • Mental Health Disorders and Their Potential Signs and Symptoms  
    • Critical Incident Response: Resiliency in Acute Stress Management 
    • Supervisory Considerations in the Management of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Law Enforcement 
    • Other training topics can be developed by HealthyMinds staff at the request of the Agency


Service Awareness Presentation

Group presentation to Agency personnel describing the services HealthyMinds, LLC offers.


Supervisory Consultation

Command staff consultation regarding specific Agency or personnel needs as they arise.