Kris Purkapile

Kris graduated with a Master of Science in Education-Counseling degree from UW-Platteville. She is currently licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training (LPC-IT), while working towards full licensure status. She has completed training to be a Certified First Responder Associate (CFRA) and Certified Peer Support Team Leader (CPSTL). Kris is also currently a law enforcement officer, with vast experience of dealing with those in the community in crisis and having mental health challenges since 2007. 

Kris works with clients experiencing various mental health issues and believes a collaborative approach to address the root cause of an individual’s challenges is best for a better quality of life for the individual seeking treatment. Kris uses various theoretical perspectives that best suit client needs, including person-centered therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Kris began her path to be a Licensed Professional Counselor after seeing an increased need to help those who serve their respective communities as law enforcement officers and other emergency first responders. Knowing, understanding, and experiencing the many facets of an emergency services career, Kris seeks to aid the mental health and wellness of those men and women others turn to in their time of crisis. While building resiliency, advocacy, and breaking down the negative stigma asking for mental health has among law enforcement and other emergency services professionals.